-- The Fundamentals of Healthy Relationships --


Assertion & Speaking Up:  If we say “Yes” to everything asked of us, if we cannot say “No,” then all our “Yeses” become meaningless.  Be Strong.

Empathy & Deep Listening:  If, on the other hand, we say “No” to everything asked of us, if we cannot say “Yes,” then all our “No’s” become powerless.  Belong.

Acceptance & Forgiveness:  If we cannot “Let Go,” if we hold on to hurt, then we try in vain to heal our wounded hearts by using the same level of thinking that caused the wounds.  Be Kind.


True Love provides a context for profound personal exploration and acquisition of our most important relationship skills: “Yes,” “No” and “Let Go.” In this seminar, you will learn the tools of deep communication:  How to be open, how to be closed and how to accept and forgive.  You will experience as much True Love as you have the capacity to hold.  Be New.

Learn How To:              

• Stand up for yourself  

• Listen with compassion

• Forgive the Unforgivable

• Resolve Painful Memories

• Determine Who Owns the Problem

• Find The Hidden Gifts in Difficult Relationships

• Celebrate True Love!


This course also meets the qualifications for 18 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, provider #2440.  Fees are non-refundable.

Written & Presented by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald & Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald:

     Internationally acclaimed author, speaker & founder of The Destination® Method, Dr. McDonald is the co-author of Tools of the Spirit: Pathways to the Realization of Universal Innocence; NLP: The New Technology of AcPπhievement and Success Mastery With NLP.  McDonald presents his seminars throughout the world.  Dr. McDonald has created and taught communication skills for over 35 years, holds a Doctorate in Divinity, an M.S. in Counseling and Mental Health, and has lectured on the marriage of spirituality and psychology at several universities in the USA and Europe.  Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald is a Master Trainer of the Destination® Method and beloved Ordained Minister of Religious Science.  She creates and presents powerful seminars in the USA and Europe, working with communication skills, self-esteem and bodily health in adults and children.