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Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald
     Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald presents her seminars on body, mind and Spirit throughout the world. She combines a deep understanding of cognitive psychology with the profound Spiritual teachings of Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind. She is an Ordained Minister of The Church of Religious Science, which is now called Centers for Spiritual Living.  She was among the first 8 people to become a Science of Mind Practitioner under Rev.  Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, who was featured in the film called The Secret.  Dr. Luzette is a Certified Destination® Trainer and a Master Coach for the world famous Center for New Medicine in Irvine, California. She is also a Life-time Member of The American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.  The Destination® Method is a gentle and compassionate interpersonal activity that uses various tools, including NLP, to resolve unnecessary human suffering. It is empowered compassion in action. All of her work is based on the teleological principles that Universal Mind is all there is and that all beings are positively intended.
Dr. Luzette loves to work with children as well as adults. 
She specializes in the following:
1. Body Image and Weight Loss
2. Grief due to the death of a loved one by disease, accident, homicide or suicide.
3. Improving Communication Skills through assertiveness, empathy and  forgiveness.
4. Resolving Painful Memories of all kinds.   
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“I had migraines and felt negative emotions of fear and panic at the highest level (10).  After I completed a one-hour session with Dr. Luzette, the negative emotions were reduced to a zero (0)!  And I clearly know that migraines are a thing of the past.  Now I know I’m not perfect but have a good sense of humor.

I went from feeling powerless, afraid on the path, and blaming others to being really clear on exactly what to do.  After the session with Dr. Luzette my head melted and the pressure lifted.  The stress vanished.  I am clear again.  Really clear! 

I immediately noticed many benefits from resolving my issues:  my whole inner head structure feels different, I’m at peace, I know I will continue to stand in my inner peace, and I can’t even find the yucky self-criticism that kept me in fear and panic.

Dr. Luzette surgically removed my issues.  She is truly operating from and with Source.  She has blazed the trail from the merely psychological to the Spiritual.

“What Dr. Luzette does would normally take at least 6 months of weekly therapy!  I am amazed, blown away and so grateful! 

Dr. Luzette is a miracle worker!  I wish I had a megaphone to announce what Dr. Luzette is able to do to help people physically, emotionally and spiritually!”     Jackie Grace


"My life has really changed since working with Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald.  I let go of many painful memories that held me back for years.  And no matter what my diet consisted of, or what exercise regime I undertook, I couldn't lose weight I'd gained a few years ago until I took Dr. Luzette's Change Your Mind, Change Your Body.  I lost twenty pounds.  Thank you Dr. Luzette for continually (but nicely) reminding me that by masking (and medicating) myself, I was keeping myself from moving forward.      Kathy Paalani

Rev. Dr. Luzette helped me resolve my grief over my mother's death.  Now I have wonderful memories and no sadness - it's fantastic!    Timna


  “What I experienced in Healing The Wounded Heart was beyond miraculous.  I personally experienced healing of deep issues of pain, grief, and painful memories that I had been unable to ‘get over’ even with all the tools and spiritual work that I’ve done and have access to.  I got my life back and many other people have already benefited by it.  I am most excited about the transformational tools he is teaching me to use in helping others.  I will always be grateful and I am excited to take everything I can from Dr. Luzette.  The power of this work for speedy transformation is almost beyond belief, and I wouldn’t have believed it myself, except I experienced it first hand, and I am still healed.”  Rev. Dr. Janette Marie Freeman, Former President, Affiliated New Thought Network


"My four year old son has shown no sign of asthma since I worked with Dr. Luzette.  After listening to my son's metaphor-story, our family told it to him.  He is now healthy and free of medication for the first time in his life.  I am so happy." Brandy Peacock, Teacher

"On Christmas day I had a stroke.  I was paralyzed and in a coma for almost one month. Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald came to the hospital and worked with me for about 30 minutes.  I came out of the coma and spoke.  My life was saved. It has been two years. The X-Rays show no evidence that I ever had a stroke. I have had no complications whatsoever.  My heart is filled with gratitude and love."   Janice Rebstock, Licensed Addictions Counselor, Louisiana  

 "I lost my husband in June of 2013. I didn't think I was going to make it, to be truthful.  Then Dr. Luzette and I had a private session.  I really don't remember what she said to me, but all of a sudden I saw this mirror, which was in a thousand pieces, come together.  As the mirror became whole, I looked at her and said, "I'm back.  Oh my, I'm back."  That mirror was me.  I was drowning in quicksand, and now I am looking forward to every day and grateful for the second chance to live the life I was meant to live."   Carolyn Baker, St. Louis

 "Our last session was amazing.  My dog, Maggie, has been gone for four months now, and not once have I gone back to where I was before our session!!! I even feel Maggie greeting me some mornings and have crouched down, closed my eyes, and felt her nuzzling me as I pet her.  I have never again felt the complete emptiness and despair I felt before you helped me.  Thank you."                                 Janet McAllister, St. Louis

"Rev. Luzette, thank you so much for your Instagram meditations, week-day mornings. They help me get centered when I spin off into my head-space about what’s going on in the world! Thank you!!"     Elizabeth Hamill

 "Dr Luzette serves as a catalyst to awaken people to their highest self!  She provides the fastest and most effective healing methods. Her approach, on a soul level, goes beyond behavior, embracing the spiritual, giving birth to new paradigms of consciousness."  Neal Grace 

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