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Grief:  Loss of a Son
"Dr. Robert Dee McDonald helped me, in one session, to completely heal the profound shock, trauma and grief I felt over the death of my 23 year old son. All I can tell you is I have experienced a life-changing miracle. Now when I think of my son, I do not cry tears of sadness and loss, I cry tears of joy. It is absolutely incredible! I didn't know I could feel this way again. I have studied healing modalities and spirituality for more than 12 years, and I have never experienced anything as miraculous as this!  I want everyone suffering over the loss of a loved one, the way I did, to know that rapid and compassionate healing is now possible.   I am spreading the good news!"
Jean Swann, Creator of The Wisdom Show

Grief and Trauma:
“What I experienced in Dr. Robert McDonald’s Healing The Wounded Heart was beyond miraculous. 
I personally experienced healing of deep issues of pain, grief, and trauma that I had been unable to ‘get over’ even with all the tools and spiritual work that I’ve done and have access to.  I got my life back and many other people have already benefited by it.  I am most excited about the transformational tools he is teaching me to use in helping others.  I will always be grateful and I am excited to take everything I can from Dr. Robert and Dr. Luzette.  The power of this work for speedy transformation is almost beyond belief, and I wouldn’t have believed it myself, except I experienced it first hand, and I am still healed.” 
Rev. Dr. Janette Marie Freeman, President, Affiliated New Thought Network

Grief:  Survivor of Husband's Suicide
"I am able to talk about my husband and his death without any emotional distress.  No more pain, no more distress, no chest pains, no tears, no guilt. I am deeply grateful!
I attended Dr. Robert McDonald's Resolving Traumatic Memories workshop, because nothing had resolved the trauma of my husband's suicide and the events involved with his death. After experiencing the Trauma Resolution Process, there was such relief. As I write this, four months later, those traumatic feelings are completely gone."
Brenda Reamer, Lafayette, LA

Grief: Loss of Mother (six year follow-up)
"For 30 years I felt sad when I thought of my deceased mother. I felt all losses, even losing little objects, very deeply. Now, my grief is over. I am happy when I think of her.
Dr. Robert McDonald performed this miracle for me six years ago, in one session. Since then I have seen Robert heal serious trauma, addiction, co-dependence and many other deeply felt wounds in just one session. When I watch Robert work and I witness his loving presence with a client, I feel honored to be in the presence of a truly brilliant healer. Robert can teach others his skills and I am in the process of learning them."
Vicki Dempsey, Attorney-Teacher

Grief:  Loss of Father
“Dr. Robert McDonald has helped me find meaning in NLP tools. I am forever grateful to him for his warm, compassionate and loving guidance in helping me completely resolve
the grief over the untimely death of my father. I have been exposed to a variety of NLP teachings by different instructors, and I’ve found Robert’s true passion for teaching, “magical” mastery of language, and deep caring for his students to be genuinely unique in the NLP community.”
Gary Auerbach, BSEE, MBA, Software Engineer


Grief:  Loss of Husband of 42 years

"Dear Dr. Robert, The mp3 called Healing Yes, Healing No arrived in the nick of time, as I was beginning to think I was losing my mind weeping like a fool at 4 a.m. in the kitchen, because a drawer was stuck!  Realizing even then of course that I am the one who's stuck, since my husband of 42 years passed away 7 months ago.  I found the exercise extremely moving even though I am not much of a visualizer.  Thank you so very much for creating this superb gift for us all.  I am definitely feeling much more peaceful, and I find my awareness and intuition to be remarkably heightened.  My third eye is still buzzing like crazy, and I am swimming in a sea of golden hearts, which is my final symbol.  How very beautiful. Heartfelt gratitude and love to you and your team."

Carol Smerling, 71