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Rape Trauma (16 year follow-up):
"I worked with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald 16 years ago, because I was raped at 13 and raped again by someone else at 14. I got pregnant from the second rape and had the child. I was treated so brutally by the men who raped me and said such horrible things to me.  Because I was so young when it happened, I didn't understand that rapists try to control you not only by physically abusing you, but also by trying to mentally manipulate you and make you feel you are worthless.  Their words stuck with me a lot longer than the physical abuse.  Like a lot of victims, I blamed myself and could not understand what I did to deserve to be treated like that. Those traumatic events were a major part of my life, emotionally draining and confusing. They impacted my future relationships in my personal life as well as my work life.  I was living under a huge cloud of despair and had very low self-esteem. I saw many therapists for help but nothing worked. Then in 1992, at 34, I saw Dr. Robert McDonald for one session.  The work I did with him changed my life. It set me free.  It helped me lift the weight and remove the dark cloud of despair. I felt immediate relief, got past those painful memories and was able to get on with my life. The benefits of that one session have lasted for 16 years.  Of course, I feel sad for the little girl I was, because I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through.  But, I can think and talk about those events without feeling bad. I feel strong and confident. I am in a great marriage with three grown children and an 11 year-old granddaughter. I am a successful person, wife and mother."
V.J., California

Startle Response (PTSD):
“I had a deeply disturbing startle response that was caused by a variety of traumatic experiences and exacerbated by a terrible car accident. It was so extreme that it was not only negatively affecting my well-being, but also my relationships. For two years, I tried EMDR and other counseling methods to cure this PTSD and nothing worked. At my wits end, during the annual Affiliate New Thought Network conference in 2009, I asked Dr. Robert Dee McDonald for help. He took me through an effortless 45 minute process and the extreme startle response was immediately eliminated. I was and am amazed and astonished! As of this writing, I have I have lived in peace for the past two years. I am eternally grateful for the ability to move through life with grace and dignity relieved of the PTSD!
Rev. Dr. Janine H. Burns