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About Telos

The Telos Healing Center

Founded by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Rev. Dr. Luzette McDonald

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All means prove but a blunt instrument if they have not behind them a living spirit.
Albert Einstein

Aristotle said all actions aim at a final Telos, end or goal, and for humans,
this is happiness.  The Telos is the ultimate goal of all processes
and goals.  The goal of the goal.  The positive intention.

     Our mission is to heal and be healed -- to create wholeness physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Our vision is to see the world populated by effective, compassionate coaches. And our purpose is to help create heaven on earth. In other words, at Telos we intend to heal the heart of the world through the integration of tender compassion and effective technology: The marriage of the Heart and the Sword.

    In order to achieve our Telos, we use and teach The Destination
® Coaching Method. This comprehensive and compassionate transpersonal or Spiritual activity, guided by a developmental model, uses various Telos Tools, including The Levels of the Creation (spiritual), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (mental) and Body Coaching (physical) to resolve unnecessary human suffering. 

    The Telos Healing Center presents dozens of seminars to professional change agents and the general public on subjects like prosperity, forgiveness, physical health, self-esteem, listening skills, inner conflict, trauma, grief, smoking, addictions, assertiveness, love, spirituality, courage, kindness and many more. The essence of the teachings is found in Healing The Wounded Heart: Core Tools for Coaches, our flagship certification program for those dedicated helpers who want to learn and use the finest transpersonal or spiritual coaching skills on the planet. Telos is licensed to provide Continuing Education Units for California State licensed MFTs, LCSWs and Texas LCSWs. Telos is also a licensed affiliate of The Emerson Theological Institute of Oakhurst, California, so all courses are applicable to various Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs.

    People come to Telos to improve their careers and for personal change work. In other words they want to grow and achieve their dreams. Often times they cannot get what they want because their inner maps are impoverished. On some level they are stuck -- none of their current skills help to achieve their goals, and they cannot find another way. At Telos we use ethically grounded processes to identify and enrich a person's mental representations so that he or she can grow, change and achieve. Our Certified Destination
® Coaches are like taxi-drivers who intelligently and empathically use their skills to take people from where they are to where they want to go. Keeping measurable information in mind, we at Telos acknowledge each person's innocence and specifically help them to develop greater authenticity, humility, mercy, forgiveness, grace, wisdom and love.

    Essentially, The Telos Healing Center integrates a merciful attitude and a developmental model with extraordinarily effective Telos Tools, i.e., positive, practical prayers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual methods. We thereby seek to evolve education into coaching through asserting that not only is every behavior positively intended, but also each client is fundamentally innocent. At the deepest level, Telos evolves coaching into ministry through the conviction of universal innocence: All beings are fundamentally innocent irrespective of their behavior.

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