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A Brief Description of 28 Destination® Method Courses

1. The 7 Steps of God: Activating The Creative Order - The profound Spiritual Insights of the New Thought ~ Ageless Wisdom Movement have been combined with the technical know-how of structured mental science. The long awaited marriage of the Heart (insight) and the Sword (technology) has taken place. Nearly every conscious change is simply a new arrangement of what already exists. Learn how to go beyond mere construction and fully Activate the Creative Order. Extraordinary.

2. Sacred Psychology: Freedom From Limiting Beliefs - Learn how your beliefs create mental mediocrity; how the Sacred and psychology agree; and then take precise steps to free yourself from any limiting belief. Profound and powerful.

3. Healing the Wounded Heart - This is The Telos Center's flagship training course. It is the essence of The Destination® Method.  T
his course provides Destination Method processes for aspiring or accomplished coaches who want to secure the finest skills for personal transformation, presented with an emphasis on compassion and ethics. May be divided into 2, 3 or 4 segments. This is a Certification Course. 

4. The Power of Dynamic Listening and Metaphors - The finest listening skills on the planet coupled with the joy of healing through stories and metaphors makes this one of our most requested courses. This is a Certification Course.

5. The Fundamentals of The Destination Method
.   Everything you ever wanted to know about the history, nature, powers and limitations of TDM. Typically a two day course. This is a Certification Course.

6. Dynamic Submodalities: The Deepest Structure of the Mind - This is an advanced course designed to profoundly deepen the understanding and skills of Destination
® Method  graduates. May be divided into two or four segments. This is a Certification Course.

7. Releasing Emotional Enmeshment (Freedom From Addiction) - Releases each individual from those addictions and emotional attachments that have held them in bondage: Addiction to people, places, things, activities and information. Includes addiction theory and practice of methods.

8. Love and Limits - Emotionally resolves and integrates most co-dependent issues by using the heart of compassion and the laser-like tools of Destination® Method technology. Emphasizes personal relationships in couples, families and business contexts.

9. Assertion, Empathy and Forgiveness - Provides interpersonal communication skills at their finest, for singles and couples. How to fully express your ìyes, no and let go.î

10. The Spirit of Personal Wealth - The Destination® Method in service of prosperity and abundance by removing your blocks to wealth and identifying and manifesting your goals, mission, vision and purpose.

11. The Pathway to Purpose - Learn and use the Mission Detection
© Process to find your true calling in life. Finally release yourself from mediocrity and get on with your life.

12. The Pathway to Personal Genius - Extraordinarily powerful skills for systematically creating the context for personal genius to emerge.  The Destination®
Method attitudes and tool in action. Students discover their personal mission in life and work with the six pre-conditions of genius.

13. Modeling Genius: The Structure of Wisdom - The entire course is in service of the Conscious Evolution of Genius, as we model the specific language and behavior involved. You will learn the six necessary conditions for the emergence of Genius, personally experience giving birth to the new and carefully create a model for Genius in yourself and others.

14. The Coupled Heart Retreat - It is about repeatedly letting go of the old and giving birth to even deeper levels of love. Forgive and remember your full, rich, romantic, passionate, committed and lasting love. The retreat is designed to help six couples explore, understand and act on the intimate secrets of a passionate, lasting romance. Mundane and Spiritual.  Offered annually in California and Switzerland.

15. Invitation to Intimacy - Provides profound experiences of self-esteem, self-worth and self-love. For individuals and couples who want the very best. A deeply personal exploration of oneís self.

16. Change by Choice - Provides specific Destination® Method technology to transform most limiting behaviors, memories and experiences into personal empowerment. Learn and use the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Swishes.

17. The End Grief - Emotionally resolves and integrates selected experiences of shockng images, painful memories, and loss. Uses the Grief Resolution Ceremony, Painful Memories Process and the Visual Swish.

18. Beliefs, Identity and Self-Esteem - Provides Destination Method® technologies to transform limiting, negative self-assessments and beliefs into positive ones. Uses several Belief Change methods.

19. Tools of the Spirit (With Robert Dilts) - Provides profound state of the art NLP (Dilts) and Destination
® Method (McDonald) technology and the vision to embrace and deepen various relationships with the Divine Mystery.

20. Group Mind & Team Spirit (With Robert Dilts) - Completely transforms participantsí experience of the source and use of individual and collective genius. State of the art NLP (Dilts) and Destination
® Method (McDonald) technologies.

21. Love, Grace & Gratitude - Provides an extraordinary combination of Destination
® Method technologies that deepen our personal and interpersonal relationships with the Fruits of the Spirit.

22. Men, Women and Intimacy - A total immersion into communication skills which will transform our relationship with the opposite sex.

23. Personal and Professional Mediation Skills - Negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution skills useful for personal and professional development. Uses reframing, meta-outcomes, and parts work.

24. Dream Dynamics - A Dream is part of an ongoing Intimate Conversation with your Deep Self. You will learn and practice a variety of powerful Dream skills, models, principles and processes which you can apply to yourself and others for personal insight and action.

25. Courage and Kindness - How to Open, Close and Forgive. How to see and sing and dance the praises of your past, irrespective of its content.

26. Forgive and Prosper - Resolve your assumed fears of prosperity of any kind. Increase self-confidence.

27. Resolving Painful Memories - How to heal even the most painful memories. Learn the structure of fear, anxiety and traumatic memories.

28. Replenishing The Spirit for Ministers, Counselors and Coaches - Specifically designed for healing the healer in body, emotions, mind and Spirit. A Spiritually deep exploration, understanding and action.


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