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2023:  Women of Wisdom.  Stay Inspired!                                                                 Every saturday from 10am to 12 noon PST on Zoom.                                                          To join, simply email RevLuzette@TelosCenter.com.

Live Daily Meditations with Rev. Dr. Luette McDonald:Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 8:50am, California time. Anytime on Facebook. 
March 21-26 and May 2-7, 2023:

Healing The Wounded Heart©
~ Core Tools for Coaches & Counselors ~

“Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with satisfaction of 
deeply felt needs and the assuagement of pain.”    Albert Einstein  

       This highly focused program answers the question: When emotional discomfort is determined to be unwanted and unnecessary, what specific methodologies will compassionately, quickly and thoroughly alleviate it?  

       In just two 5-day weekends of Healing The Wounded Heart: Core Tools for Coaches & Counselorsyou will learn and practice precision skills, models, principles and processes which specifically address the following personal issues seen by coaches and counselors: painful memories, grief, depression, internal conflict, anger, phobias, negative internal voices, jealousy, anxiety, damaging belief systems, emotional enmeshment, addiction, issues of self-esteem, self-worth and motivation, and much more. This course is designed to greatly improve your communication and coaching skills and heal your wounded heart, as well. For more specific information regarding Certification, please call us at 714-577-5717.

    Who should attend: Anyone interested in healing wounded hearts, their own and/or others.  Coaches, counselors, social workers, therapists, ministers, etc. NLP background is not necessary.  If you want to effectively help yourself and others, this program is for you!

Dates & Times:  

March 21-26 and May 2-7, 2023.  9:30am to 6pm daily.

A 12-Day Professional Certification Training in two 6-day segments, face to face



Investment:  $14,995  Visa & MC Accepted.
Limited number of significant discounts available.

(limited to 15 students):
Register Now:  Call Luzette at 714-319-8939.
Email:  RevLuzette (at) TelosCenter.com
Website:  www.TelosCenter.com

Written & Presented by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald and Dr. Luzette McDonald.                                                                                    Author, international speaker, founder of The Destination Method®, co-founder of MyTherapistMatch.com, MyCoachMatch.com, and The Telos Healing Center, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald co-wrote Tools of The Spirit, a transpersonal coaching text. He also co-authored the best selling NLP book of all time, The New Technology of Achievement.  Dr. McDonald is the Executive Director of Mental and Spiritual Wellness at the world famous Center for New Medicine, Irvine, California. He is a former Membor of the Board of Trustees for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has created and taught seminars worldwide for over 30 years, holds a Doctorate of Divinity, an Master of Science in Counseling and Mental Health, and has lectured on the marriage of spirituality and psychotherapy at several universities in the USA and Europe. R ev. Dr. Luzette, co-founder of The Telos Healing Center, is an ordained minister and Destination Method® Trainer.  She creates and presents Sacred Psychology seminars in the USA and Europe. All of their work is based on the teleological principle that behind every behavior, thought and feeling are universally acceptable positive purposes seeking self-expression. 


     Transformational tools for body, mind and spirit