True Love Skills©

~ Assertion, Empathy & Forgiveness ~


            Assertion & Speaking Up:  Be Strong.  If we say “Yes” to everything asked of us, if we cannot say “No,” then all our “Yeses” become meaningless.  


            Empathy & Deep Listening:  Belong.  On the other hand, if we say “No” to everything asked of us, if we cannot say “Yes,” then all our “No’s” become powerless.  


            Acceptance & Forgiveness:  Be Kind.  If we can't “Let Go,” if we hold on to hurt, then using the level of thinking that caused the wounds, we try in vain to heal our wounded hearts, 


            True LoveBe Newprovides a context for profound personal exploration and acquisition of our most important relationship skills: “Yes,” “No” and “Let Go.” In this seminar, you will learn the tools of deep communication:  How to be open, how to be closed and how to forgive and remember, as well as forgive and forget.  


Learn How To:                                                                       

• Stand up for yourself   

• Listen with compassion

• Forgive the Unforgivable

• Resolve Painful Memories

• Determine Who Owns the Problem

• Find the Hidden Gifts in Difficult Relationships

• Celebrate True Love with Real Communication


When: TBA  Fri - Sun. 9:30am to 6pm

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, 2100 E. Mariposa, El Segundo, CA 90245 

Investment: $4,995 if fully paid by xxxx; $xxxx by xxxx; $xxxx thereafter.

Special: Save 50%: $1xxxx each, if you bring someone, and both pay in full by xxxxx.

Register: Call 714-319-8939; Email Ask re package deal savings.


This course qualifies as a prerequisite for Certification as a Destination Coach.  Fees are non-refundable.


Written & Presented by Dr. Robert Dee McDonald & Dr. Luzette McDonald: