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Dr. Robert Dee McDonald

1. Resolving Anxiety and Depression
    ~Freedom from Fear and Numbness

2. Money:  From Fearing It to Enjoying It
~Stopping Negative Thoughts

3. Resolving Childhood Trauma
~The 5 Levels of Trauma & The Basic Process

4Resolving Trauma Process
~Utilizing Advanced Language

5.  Compulsion Blowout
~Eliminating Desire for Pecan Pie and Other Sweets

6.  Resolve Blocks to Weight Loss
~Stopping Negative Thoughts

7.  Phantom Pain Resolution
 ~The Six Step Reframe Process

8. Resolving Self-Criticism
~The Auditory Swish Process

9. Money Beliefs:  
 ~Resolving an Anti-Money Beliefs

10.  Resolving an Allergy to Cats
~The End of Allergies